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Building The Day Interactive CD Rom

Building The Day Interactive CD Rom
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Code: RIC-10001
Author: -
ISBN/EAN: 9781741267006

Product Information

This interactive product is a flexible and fun resource that forms a foundation for discussion on selected key environmental and built components of the class day, including:

  • seasons
  • time
  • the date is ...
  • star students
  • show and tell
  • weather
  • today is ...
  • birthdays
  • class helpers
  • today's theme


  • There is a choice of 16 different seasonal backgrounds (4 for each season) and six different weather effects, which can be combined to reflect the weather outside, ensuring no two days look the same.
  • All components except weather and seasons can be minimised to tags at the side of the screen for ease of viewing.
  • The worksheets can be enlarged/shrunk, moved around the screen, screened to display a selected area and printed.
  • Teachers notes, a walkthrough and worksheets are included.

Price includes product and unlimited school licence.


Ideal for Ages 4-7
This item is FIRM SALE only.

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