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Telling The Time Interactive CD Rom

Telling The Time Interactive CD Rom
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Code: RIC-10002
Author: -
ISBN/EAN: 9781741267013

Product Information

  • This interactive resource is developmental beginning with telling the time by the hour and progressing through to the use of 24-hour time.

Each time increment section contains:

  • A clock, which allows repeated practise on that increment
  • A time-dated worksheet, which can be enlarged/shrunk, moved around the screen, screened to display a selected area and printed
  • On screen answers to the worksheet
  • A revision worksheet which generates a random set of new questions on that increment.
  • There are also additional interactive and printable worksheet activities to support your maths teaching

Price includes product and unlimited school licence.

Ideal for Ages 6-12+
This item is FIRM SALE only.

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