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Graphic Organisers Interactive Ages 5-7 CD Rom

Graphic Organisers Interactive Ages 5-7 CD Rom
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Code: RIC-10014
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ISBN/EAN: 9781741267822

Product Information

  • Graphic organisers is a set of three comprehensive interactive products teachers can use to introduce and reinforce concepts about specific graphic organisers to students aged 5-7, 8-10 and 11+ years (these are sold separately).

Each level of Graphic organisers includes:

  • at least six specific organisers
    • Ages 5-7: Topic wheel, Story map, Venn diagram, Y-chart, Spider chart and Ladder.
    • Ages 8-10: Y chart, Word web, Flow chart, Character tree, Step-by-step chart and Hierarchy chart.
    • Ages 11+: Time line, Venn diagram, Fishbone, Cycle, Concept map, Five Ws and How chart, and Persuasion chart.
  • general background teachers notes about graphic organisers?what they are, why they are used, when to use them, how to encourage students to use them, which one to use for a specific purpose and specific types of graphic organisers.
  • information about how to use the Graphic organisers product
  • specific teachers background information about each example of graphic organiser including what it is, what it looks like and how and when to use each.
  • a suggested process and procedure for using different types of graphic organisers.
  • a sample of each of the six or seven specific graphic organisers
  • scope to create a teacher-generated example of each specific graphic organiser
  • a sample blackline relating to each specific graphic organiser
  • a blank blackline to allow teachers to create their own master relating to the specific graphic organiser
  • links to print specific and general teachers notes and blacklines
  • This is an immensely valuable and versatile resource, offering fun learning experiences about graphic organisers for students at all ages and all levels.
  • Graphic organisers are an essential part of the learning process and an important skill in developing thinking and research skills.

Price includes product and unlimited school licence.

Ideal for Ages 5-7
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