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Primary Problem-Solving in Mathematics - Book D

Primary Problem-Solving in Mathematics - Book D
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Code: RIC-6033
Author: G. Booker & D. Bond
ISBN/EAN: 9781741265347

Product Information

  • Problem solving in mathematics is a series of seven books that aims to develop problem-solving and mathematical thinking in primary students.
  • The worksheets are specifically designed to be used as extension work to challenge higher-ability students.
  • The series includes activities involving spatial visualisation and logical reasoning; establishing criteria; interpreting, analysing, organising and using information; strategic thinking; using patterns; identifying and using number understandings and reasonings; and proportional reasoning.

Features include:
  • extensive background information about problem-solving skills
  • teachers pages to accompany each student page
  • a problem-solving objective for each group of student pages
  • materials list for each group of student pages
  • extensive background information for each student page
  • a list of possible difficulties that students may encounter
  • extension activities
Ideal for Ages 8-9

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