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Primary Mathematics: Back to Basics - Book A Ages 5-6

Primary Mathematics: Back to Basics - Book A Ages 5-6
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Code: RIC-6056
Author: Jenni Harrold
ISBN/EAN: 9781741266917

Product Information

  • Mathematics: Back to basics - Classroom and homework activities is a series of seven books (A-G) with a back-to-basics approach designed to support the foundations of the mathematics curriculum.
  • It is a clear and comprehensive resource that covers number, measurement, space, chance and data concepts for each year level.

The series is ideal for:
  • teaching a new concept
  • consolidation
  • homework
  • assessment
  • revision.

Features include:
  • seven books in the series
  • supports the mathematics curriculum
  • a back-to-basics approach
  • suitable for teaching a new concept, consolidation, homework, assessment and revision
  • four sections—number, space, measurement, chance and data?in each book
  • comprehensive teachers pages to support each student page
  • graded student pages
  • curriculum links
  • details of number concepts, strand
  • indicators
  • previous concept knowledge required to complete each student page
  • answers
Ideal for Ages 5-6

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