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Australian Curriculum Mathematics: Number and Algebra - Year 6

Australian Curriculum Mathematics: Number and Algebra - Year 6
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Code: RIC-6090
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ISBN/EAN: 9781921750748

Product Information

  • A series of seven books specifically written to support the new national curriculum.
  • These books are a compilation of resources designed to assist teachers in implementing the Number and Algebra strand of Australian Curriculum Mathematics.
  • All sub-strands are included – Number and Place Value, Fractions and Decimals, Money and Financial Mathematics, and Patterns and Algebra – as well as the content descriptions of each sub-strand and the four proficiency strands.
  • The mathematical content has been edited by a noted mathematics consultant Richard Korbosky.
  • Australian Curriculum Mathematics links.
  • Teacher information.
  • Related terms.
  • Student vocabulary.
  • Content description explanations.
  • Teaching points.
  • Checklists of possible student difficulties.
  • Proficiency strands.
  • Hands-on activities.
  • Links to other curriculum areas.
  • Resource sheets.
  • Assessment sheets with NAPLAN-style questions.
  • Checklists.
  • Answers.
Ideal for Year 6

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