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The History Box 6

The History Box 6
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Code: RIC-6190
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ISBN/EAN: 9781925698329

Product Information

  • Transport your students back in time, to the days long before the living memory of the oldest person they know.
  • Help students peer inside the minds of people from Australia's history to see events of the past from different perspectives.
  • Encourage students to communicate their enlightenment in ways that will bring the past to life.
  • The History Box - An inquiry Approach is a resource to help you, the teacher sweep away the cobwebs of antiquity and breathe life and energy into this fascinating learning area.

When you open The History box, you will find four separate parts:

  • A set of text cards (4 copies of each) providing information and tasks on the subject of each unit
  • A set of starter cards suggesting a means to engage students in the set tasks
  • A teacher resource book containing worksheets guiding the students on their inquiry path
  • A teacher guide giving you everything you need to deliver Australian Curriculum History to your class
  • With the completion of each unit, note how students improve their skills of inquiry and their confidence in communicating their new-found knowledge.
Ideal for ages 11-12

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