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Literacy and History: The Celts

Literacy and History: The Celts
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Code: RIC-6293
Author: Marian Redmond
ISBN/EAN: 9781741265071

Product Information

  • Literacy and history is a series of four books designed to help upper primary pupils develop literacy skills while gaining knowledge about ancient societies.
  • Each book is divided into 12 units, each covering a different aspect of the relevant ancient society.
  • Fictional texts based on historical fact are provided in each unit, covering a range of literacy genres.
  • Comprehensive glossary and footnotes are provided to help students understand terms used in ancient times.

Series includes:
  • RIC-6289 The Romans
  • RIC-6290 The Egyptians
  • RIC-6291 The Greeks
  • RIC-6293 The Celts
Ideal for Ages 11+

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