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Reading with Phonics - Book 2

Reading with Phonics - Book 2
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Code: RIC-6309
Author: Sharon Shepherd
ISBN/EAN: 9781741268577

Product Information

  • A three-book series designed to reinforce students' phonemic awareness.
  • Each book presents a focus sound in the context of a narrative, allowing students to practise identifying and using the sound while reading and comprehending.
  • The phonic sounds are presented individually in the first two books of the series, in the third book, sound families (such as a-e, ay, ai) are treated together.
  • The sounds are presented in two narratives, a simple text followed by a more difficult one.
  • Both texts are followed by corresponding worksheets with interesting activities.
  • Worksheets develop comprehension, sequencing, rhyme, grammar and sentence structure.
  • The texts and worksheets display varying degrees of difficulty, allowing teachers to cater to students of differing abilities.
  • The books can be used for whole-group, small-group or individual work and are curriculum linked.
Ideal for Ages 5-7

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