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Brain Teasers - Book 2

Brain Teasers - Book 2
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Code: RIC-6413
Author: Jean Edwards
ISBN/EAN: 9781741267198

Product Information

  • Brain Teasers is a series of three books - each containing a number of short, five-to ten-minute activities to stimulate thinking.
  • Language-oriented activities are predominant, which encourages higher-level thinking skills.
  • Other activities encourage creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Some activities include analysing meaning, analysing attributes of words, analysing relationships of words, synthesising rules and creating solutions.
  • Others encourage flexibility, elaboration, originality, cooperative work and evaluating ideas.

  • a variety of independent and cooperative student activities
  • clear student instructions
  • reinforcement of activities to develop thinking skills
  • student self-evaluation on many pages
  • challenge? activities on most student pages (or groups of pages)
  • examples to illustrate student activities
  • graphic organisers including Venn diagrams
  • hints? and ?thoughts? to direct student thinking
  • opportunities to track progress by scoring success on pages
  • answers, where applicable
Ideal for Ages 9-10

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