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Primary Australian History - Book A

Primary Australian History - Book A
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Code: RIC-6427
Author: -
ISBN/EAN: 9781741266849

Product Information

  • A seven book series on the history of Australia from pre-European contact to the present day.

  • time line highlighting events covered in the series plus selected events in Australia and world history
  • explanation of historical literacy skills and their relevance to the teaching of history today
  • curriculum links, evaluation sheets

Units include:
One teachers page
  • Indicators describing student activities, background information
  • Answers
  • suggested subjects for further research
  • time line

Three student pages
  • page 1 - text relating to the topic
  • page 2 - comprehension using a range of literal, inferential and evaluative questions in different formats
  • page 3 - activities to develop knowledge and understandings of the topic
  • one quiz page
Ideal for Ages 5-6

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