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Wet and Dry Environments

Wet and Dry Environments
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Code: RIC-6467
Author: -
ISBN/EAN: 9781741266702

Product Information

  • This series of four books is specifically designed for students aged 10+:
  • The wide variety of activities in these books cover all major key learning areas in particular English, Society and its Environment, Science, PDHPE and the Arts.
  • These books aim to develop student understanding of themselves, the world around them and how it works and their place and contribution to their world.

  • themes that cover relevant, contemporary topics which appeal to the age group.
  • 4 page units including a teacher information page, student information page, student comprehension page and a cross-curricular activity.
  • curriculum linked
  • answers and additional activities
  • quiz questions may be used as an assessment tool

Titles in series:
  • RIC-6467 Wet and Dry Environments
  • RIC-6468 Democracy
  • RIC-6469 Australian Identity
  • RIC-6470 Climate Change
Ideal for Ages 10+

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