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The Arctic and the Antarctic

The Arctic and the Antarctic
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ISBN/EAN: 9781741266825

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  • Polar Year—The Arctic and the Antarctic marks the International Polar Year.
  • It was written to allow students to develop a clear understanding of the importance of the Earth's polar regions in regards to climate, global patterns, wildlife, people, history and the future; to gain knowledge about the geography, meteorology, resources, exploration and seasonal patterns of the Arctic and Antarctica; and to explore global issues and expand their understanding of possible consequences, outcomes and solutions.

  • employs a range of skills, including: word study, comprehension, cooperative learning, problem solving, mapping, following procedures and recording data
  • features five major sections: What is a polar region?, Antarctica, The Arctic, Polar life, and Environmental threats
  • teachers page which provides teachers with indicators; additional information; relevant Internet resources (where possible); answers; additional activities; and outcome links
  • student information page which poses a question to initiate class discussion; detailed information on the topic; supporting artwork; and the opportunity to engage in a specific word study activity using words in context
  • student comprehension page providing students with the opportunity to review what they have read and further enhance their understanding
  • research or group activity which involves students working independently or cooperatively to gather further information relating to the particular topic to broaden their knowledge at a deeper level
  • answers are given for all questions, where applicable
Ideal for Ages 10+

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