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Maths Homework That's Too Good for the Dog - Ages 10+

Maths Homework That's Too Good for the Dog - Ages 10+
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Code: RIC-6500
Author: J. Bobin & T. Kirkright
ISBN/EAN: 9781741265514

Product Information

  • Would you like your maths homework organised for the whole year?

  • 40 fun, high-interest maths homework sheets to complement ongoing learning in the classroom
  • numbered to assist with recording, but can be used in any order
  • each sheet includes:
  • a motivational starter activity to engage students and encourage creative thinking
  • age-appropriate activities from the five main strands of maths; number, space, measurement, chance and data, and working mathematically
  • a challenge activity to extend thinking
  • an opportunity for self-assessment
  • comprehensive teachers notes, individual student record sheet and detailed answers
  • overview of maths concepts included so sheets can be easily integrated into any mathematics program
  • curriculum links
Ideal for Ages 10+

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