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Fantasy: Early Years Themes

Fantasy: Early Years Themes
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Code: RIC-6570
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ISBN/EAN: 9781741269703

Product Information

  • Early Years Themes is a series of seven comprehensive teacher resource books designed to support teachers as they impart skills, concepts and knowledge about commonly-taught themes in early childhood classrooms.

The seven books in the series (and the themes each contains) are:

  • RIC-6566 - Places (The ocean, The circus, The zoo, The Rainforest, The Farm);
  • RIC-6567 - People (Me, Families, Friends, Community helpers, People from other countries);
  • RIC-6568 - Animals (Pets, Bears, Frogs, Minibeasts, Dinosaurs);
  • RIC-6569 - Science (The senses, The seasons, Space, Our bodies, Water);
  • RIC-6570 - Fantasy (Dragons, Fairies, Giants/Ogres, Mermaids, Elves and pixies);
  • RIC-6571 - Fairytales (The three billy goats Gruff, Jack and the beanstalk, The gingerbread man, The ugly duckling, Little Red Riding Hood);
  • RIC-6572 - Special Days and Celebrations (Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day, Eid-al Fitr/Diwali/Chinese New Year/Hanukkah).


  • comprehensive teacher resource
  • icons to enable teachers to locate activities quickly
  • cross-curricular learning activities
  • art and craft
  • teacher background information
  • resource sheets early literacy and numeracy activities
  • age-appropriate, useful artwork
  • display ideas
  • suggested books, songs, rhymes, poems
  • recipes
  • curriculum links

Ideal for Ages 3-6

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