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A World of Words - Year 4

A World of Words - Year 4
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Code: RIC-6618
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ISBN/EAN: 9781925431100

Product Information

  • A world of words - Building vocabulary is a seven book series that aims to build and extend your students vocabulary.
  • Having an extensive vocabulary that is used confidently is of vital importance for student learning across the curriculum.
  • The series is focused on words that students use in both their everyday language as well as in specific topics that interest and engage them.
  • The program builds upon students' existing knowledge and facilitates them to extend their bank of known words.
  • The content of the series is linked to the English learning area of the Australian Curriculum and covers descriptions from the Language strand, under the heading of Expressing and Developing Ideas.
  • There are 40 units in each book, broken up into 10 week blocks.
  • The first eight units of each book contain a lesson plan that includes whole-group instructions, small-group or partner work followed by an individual student activity.
  • The last two units if each 10 week block contains independent student revision activities, a student self-assessment sheet, a teacher assessment checklist and answers where required.
Ideal for Year 4

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