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No-Fuss Games to Get Children Active - Ages 5-11

No-Fuss Games to Get Children Active - Ages 5-11
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Code: RIC-739
Author: David Folker
ISBN/EAN: 9781741267594

Product Information

  • No fuss games to get children active is exactly as the title suggests.
  • This book offers teachers simple, easy-to-follow and easy-to-organise games which are appealing to students.
  • The games are categorised according to suitability for lower, middle or upper primary students.
  • They are designed to use minimal equipment and can be initiated with the minimum of fuss and organisation.
  • The games and activities are presented with an interesting twist which will keep students excited and moving.
  • This book is a must for any teacher who wants to entice his/her students to be active!

  • simple, easy-to-follow, innovative games
  • games to suit a variety of primary levels
  • minimal equipment and organisation
  • teachers notes
  • curriculum links
  • student checklists
  • diagrams to illustrate each game
  • rules for each game
  • suggested changes increase or decrease difficulty levels of games
Ideal for Ages 5-11

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