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Lifestyle Choices - Ages 11+

Lifestyle Choices - Ages 11+
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Code: RIC-743
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ISBN/EAN: 9781741261561

Product Information

  • Lifestyle choices is a series of three books to develop awareness of the detrimental effects an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet can have.
  • It draws attention to our sedentary lifestyle and dependence on fast food.
  • It provides information and suggestions for making healthier choices and ways to balance diet, exercise, relaxation and sleep for a healthier lifestyle.

  • information needed by the students (where applicable)
  • clear instructions for completing each worksheet
  • a lifestyle challenge focusing on a home activity with the onus placed upon the student to complete the work
  • indicators
  • teacher information
  • additional activities
  • answers
  • outcome links
  • assessment proformas
  • student proformas
  • glossary of terms used in the book
Ideal for Ages 11+

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