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Self-Esteem - Ages 8-10

Self-Esteem - Ages 8-10
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Code: RIC-745
Author: Amelia Ruscoe
ISBN/EAN: 9781741261462

Product Information

  • a resource for investigating personal and social issues faced by primary school-aged students, with a view to building self-worth and establishing resilience in challenging situations
  • issues addressed within the series include: self-management skills, interpersonal skills, decision making, goal setting, cooperation, bullying and harassment and concepts for a healthy lifestyle
  • detailed teachers notes assist teachers in planning, implementing and monitoring the concepts being addressed
  • student activities require them to clarify and reflect on these concepts by relating them to their own life and experiences
  • students are required to assess the effectiveness or appropriateness of their own behaviour
  • activities are suitable for whole-class instruction, or for use with individuals or small groups with particular needs
  • linked to all state curriculums
Ideal for Ages 8-10

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