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Classroom Art - Ages 11+

Classroom Art - Ages 11+
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Code: RIC-776
Author: Amelia Ruscoe
ISBN/EAN: 9781741261097

Product Information

  • Classroom art is an innovative, full-colour, teacher resource series comprising art activities to inspire students to communicate through visual arts and to aid their development as young artists.
  • The activities are divided into three main sections to develop skills in the areas of drawing, painting and printmaking.

Other features:
  • extensive teachers notes suggest activities to develop art awareness, to encourage creativity, show examples of modelling, develop and encourage practice and appraise art. Other notes offer suggestions for classroom organisation, safety precautions, parental involvement, assessment ideas, display ideas and ways to inspire young artists.
  • use readily available resources
  • activities to provides stimulus for each lesson
  • provide step-by-step instructions for each activity with corresponding colour photographs
  • reflection questions accompany each activity to extend art possibilities
  • variations for each activity are given
  • cross-curricular activities to extend and further develop each activity
  • a glossary of terms and list of websites are given for each skills area to provide background for the teacher
  • outcome links
Ideal for Ages 11-12

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