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Crafty Ideas: Special Days/Celebrations

Crafty Ideas: Special Days/Celebrations
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Code: RIC-800
Author: Amelia Ruscoe
ISBN/EAN: 9781741263725

Product Information

  • This book is a compilation of craft activities for lower primary students.
  • The activities are based upon special days and celebration recognised by primary schools.

Days are broken up into 10 categories:
  • Family
  • Peace and Remembrance
  • School-based celebrations
  • Multicultural celebrations
  • Health awareness
  • Safety awareness
  • International fundraisers
  • Environmental awareness
  • Just for fun
  • Public Holidays

Features include:
  • introductory teachers page with general hints for making the most of the activities
  • comprehensive list of resources required
  • calendar of special days and celebrations
  • ten sections, each covering a number of special days and celebrations
  • detailed teacher notes for each activity
  • outcome links for each state
Ideal for Ages 5-8

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