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esplora! - Book 2

esplora! - Book 2
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Code: SHP-0014
Author: M. Ghezzi
ISBN/EAN: 9780170135528

Product Information

  • …so many ways to continue to explore Italian!
  • Full colour inside pages.
  • Welcome to a new esplora! Adventure.
  • You'll be joining Laura and her friends to investigate the disappearance of the ancient statue of the god Mars.
  • Here are some 'navigation tips' on how to take the esplora! 2 adventure.

In every capitolo you'll find:

  • puntate – an episode is presented in an illustrated film strip as the story unfolds of the disappearance and recovery of the statue of Mars. The action in the film strip is elaborated on by the characters using various text types such as phone calls, SMS, news articles and so on
  • each of the puntate text types is recorded on the audio CD, and on the puntate pages you can find the password for a website activity. Each text type has its own wordlist in Italian and English to help you understand - pratica and attivita – activities to practise the language you've learned
  • and much more!

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