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Wakatta! A senior high school Japanese course

Wakatta! A senior high school Japanese course
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Code: SHP-1019
ISBN/EAN: 9781864413328

Product Information

  • Wakatta! has  been written for senior high school students continuing their study of Japanese.
  • The course is constructed around key topic areas.
  • It is designed to develop essential skills for effective oral and written communication in Japanese.
  • Wakatta! covers two years' study and can be used as the core component of any senior high school course.

The Wakatta! Course integrates three resources:

  • A Course Book of twelve well-balanced unites of work, each of which includes essential vocabulary, kanji characters, reading tests, explanations of language patterns and consolidation of the topic area;
  • Two Workbooks with a wide range of activites and exercises in reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and kanji as well as puzzles, role-play and dialogues.

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