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Code: SHP-1076
Author: Mirra Todd
ISBN/EAN: 9780868199665

Product Information

  • Fearless investigates the many portals of loneliness.
  • Ten characters inhabit the world of Fearless, distilled by the Milk Crate Threatre Ensemble, composer Daryl Wallis, chanteuse Christa Hughes and playwright Mirra Todd.
  • Each character flinches at a point in their lives in the moment, each life is unexpectedly hurled off its normal path into an emotional abyss.
  • Fearless begins at this juncture where redemption, recovery, release or relapse is but an inch from each person's grasp.
  • Milk Crate Theatre works with people who have experienced homelessness and/or social marginalisation to create theatre that creates change.

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