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Ads R Us

Ads R Us
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Code: SHP-1082
Author: Claire Carmichael
ISBN/EAN: 9781741660470

Product Information

  • 'If you think life is intense now, for Barrett and Taylor it's, like, totally dire…'
  • Ads R Us is set in a modern city in the near future, where advertising is a constant stream of noise and information, and corporations sponsor everything from music to schools.
  • Teenager Barrett Trent has been raised in total isolation from mainstream society in an eco-cult called Simplicity, but after the death of his uncle, he must now live in the city with his rich and powerful Aunt Kara and Uncle Adrian, and spoiled cousin, Taylor.
  • As Barrett finds out, his aunt and uncle have a hidden agenda – there is a lot to gain from finding out the effects of advertising on an untouched mind.
  • Barrett is there perfect guinea pig for their experiments. But Barrett may prove harder to crack than they think – and Taylor is certainly not the cousin he expected...

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