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Insight: Raimond Gaita's - Romulus, My Father

Insight: Raimond Gaita's - Romulus, My Father
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Code: SHP-1085
ISBN/EAN: 9781920693626

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  • Romulus, My Father is about the kind of man [Romulus] was, and his responses to the pressures that came upon him. That straight away gives this book a lasting value beyond that of a mere narrative; it gives it the value of a model for life and conduct in trying circumstances.


  • Character map
  • Background & context notes
  • Genre, style & structure
  • Chapter-by chapter analysis
  • Characters & relationships
  • Themes, issues & concepts
  • Different interpretations
  • Sample exam questions
  • Analysing a sample topic
  • References: further reading, films/documentaries, websites.

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