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Excel English Vowel Sounds - Book 5

Excel English Vowel Sounds - Book 5
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Code: SHP-1130
Author: Hunter Calder
ISBN/EAN: 9781877085826

Product Information

  • In this book, children will learn about vowel sounds and the letters they represent. They will listen for the sound of vowels at the beginning of words, recognise vowel sounds in the middle of words and match up words that rhyme.
  • The Excel Early Skills series has been written by leading Australian teachers for the Australian Curriculum.
  • The series offers a systematic and comprehensive program of ten books on Maths and ten books on English for children in preschool and their first year of school.
  • Real English
  • Each English book provides early practice in literacy skills.
  • Your child will cover a wide range of English topics and get a head start for school.
  • Real learning
  • The activities in each book are divided into double pages. Each double page allows your child to practise one particular skill many times so that the skill is reinforced. This also makes it easier for you, the parent-you can help your child with one skill at a time.
  • All books in the series have been rigorously trialled by parents with children in each age group to ensure their success.
  • A clear, easy-to-follow page design has been developed, with clear explanations to help both parents and children.
  • Every page has an extra extension activity to further enrich your child's learning.
  • The author, Hunter Calder, is an experienced reading teacher, lecturer and award-winning author who received the International Literacy Year Medal of Merit award in 1990 for his Reading Freedom series of activity books.
  • Really fun!
  • Your child will love the fun and interesting illustrations in each book.
  • We have added forty-eight colourful stickers to help motivate your child.
  • Each book has a cheerful, brightly coloured border design.
  • There is a hidden picture in the border of every double page-your child will love looking for it!

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged. Only while stock lasts.

Ideal for ages 4-5

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