Astonished Heart

Astonished Heart
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  • Cast 4m, 3f
  • One of the "Tonight at 8:30" series produced in London and New York.
  • In psychiatrist Christian Faber's drawing room sits his weeping wife and his sad assistants, waiting for the siren Leonora.
  • In four flashbacks the story emerges: Leonora, a girlhood chum, visited Christian's wife and was introduced to him.
  • She set out to capture her friend's husband but was captured herself.
  • She threw him over because of his jealousy.
  • He jumped out of the window.
  • Leonora has come because Christian calls for her on his death bed.
  • She returns slowly from his room to announce he has died and that his last words were tender ones to his wife, for whom he mistook Leonora.

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