Dad's Christmas Miracle

Dad's Christmas Miracle
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  • Cast 5m 5w
  • Connor Murphy wants a go-cart for Christmas in the worst way.
  • And that's how he sets out to get it. Miss McLaughlin, his teacher, really gums up the works by handing out report cards just before vacation.
  • 'This is a socks and underwear card if ever there was one,' his best friend Neil tells him, blighting his hopes.
  • His other best friend, Tater, is no help either since he is busy learning his one-word speech for the Christmas Pageant.
  • His brother and sister are stirring up the household as the holiday approaches. In his mind, Connor sees everyone ganged up against him like a Greek chorus.
  • He even pictures Dad reciting a theme paper entitled 'What I Got for Christmas.'
  • And, of course, it's up to Dad to perform the impossible by Christmas morning. 

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