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The Male Animal

The Male Animal
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Code: THPL-42390
Author: James Thurber, Elliott Nugent

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  • Cast 8m 5f
  • Tommy Turner has been married for ten years to Ellen, and he is quietly settled in a teaching job at Mid Western University.
  • This is the week end of the Michigan game and Joe Ferguson, the greatest football hero Mid Western has ever had, comes to town and sees Ellen, his old sweetheart.
  • In addition, Tommy is drawn into a controversy when a young intellectual writes an article in which he calls the board of trustees fascists.
  • Tommy wants to read a letter to his composition class written by Vanzetti and is about to join the ranks of the martyrs who have been fired because the trustees are shouting 'Red!'
  • Ellen tries to dissuade Tommy from reading the letter and he tells her to go with Joe and leave him to his books and his principles.
  • Eventually Tommy challenges Joe to fisticuffs after he has fortified himself with the proper courage.
  • He steadfastly maintains his right to read the letter and to teach the young to think.
  • Ellen sees him as pretty good example of the male animal and stands up with him.

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