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Marlon Brando Sat Right Here

Marlon Brando Sat Right Here
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  • Cast 11m 2f
  • It is 1955 at Gracie's restaurant in Hoboken which is frequented by Italian American longshoremen.
  • The year before Marlon Brando came to Hoboken to shoot On the Waterfront but that glamorous time is gone forever.
  • The regulars at Gracie's are adrift with failed hopes.
  • The story revolves around Beep ity Beep, a sour, failed singer who wants to reclaim Gracie's affections.
  • He loved and lost her eighteen years before.
  • Their relationship is complicated by a double murder and a secret Gracie has kept all these years. 
  • Excellent character roles for the entire cast as all are colorful types.

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