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Monkey's Uncle

Monkey's Uncle
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  • Cast 4m 2f
  • Ernie loves apes and Fred collects leaves.
  • And the two of them get together every Saturday to play Chinese checkers.
  • During one of the games, Fred fakes dying of a heart attack.
  • Ernie and his wife, Dottie, put Fred in their son's room and leave to get Harold, Fred's daffy nephew.
  • During their absence their son, Clyde, returns home from college unexpectedly with his girlfriend, Sybil.
  • When Sybil suggests they make love Clyde goes to his room and finds a 'stiff' Fred in his bed.
  • He panics, causing Sybil to run out into the night scantily clad thinking she doesn't turn Clyde on anymore.
  • Now Clyde, assuming his dad has knocked off Fred, decides to get rid of the body by exchanging it with a stuffed ape.
  • From this point on it's a whirlwind of apes, leaves, worms, ant farms, blackmail, misunderstandings, and madness.
  • But it all comes out in the wash.

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