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Mrs. Klein

Mrs. Klein
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  • Cast 3f
  • Witty, taut and rich in psychological insights, Mrs. Klein tells of a brilliant and unorthodox woman whose single mindedness threatened to destroy those closest to her.
  • Melanie Klein 1882 1960 came to Britain from Berlin to extend psychoanalysis to young children.
  • The action is set in 1934 when, at the peak of her career, Mrs. Klein is shattered by the news that her son has died in a climbing accident.
  • Her daughter, also a psychoanalyst who publically challenges her mother's theories, thinks he committed suicide to defy their overbearing mother.
  • The battle between these two women spills over into their professional lives, and the childhood events which lie at the heart of the conflict are exposed while a third remarkable woman, a young psychoanalyst on the run from Hitler, enters as a detached observer.

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