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Murder Plot

Murder Plot
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  • Cast 3m 2f
  • Best-selling mystery author, David Forrester, is suffering writer's block.
  • His publisher, Felix Bromley, suggests hiring a talented, beautiful young ghostwriter, Kristyn.
  • This is the beginning of David's nightmare.
  • The woman's suspicious behavior causes them to send a private investigator to dig up her past.
  • It seems she is probably the sister David never knew he had. Added to this is that David's wife, Sylvia, leaves him to sue for divorce.
  • His ghostwriter begins making sexual advances while brandishing a kitchen knife.
  • Later, he learns Sylvia has been murdered.
  • Things reach the boiling point when they find the private detective has been killed right on the premises.
  • David decides that one of them is the murderer.
  • The ending reveals the murderer and the last 90 seconds of the play has a final surprise that turns everything that has happened before delig0htfully upside down!

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