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  • Cast 4m 2f
  • This hard hitting psychological drama swirls around a young Irishman who moves into lodgings in London already occupied by two bigots, one of them Irish, and a student who's slumming to research his thesis.
  • Damien is befriended by the student who appreciates his intellect and by the student's girlfriend, a devotee of causes and an aspiring journalist.
  • When the IRA mounts a bombing campaign in London, it appears that the enigmatic Damien may be involved.
  • Tension mounts as he remains noncommittal in the face of inquires. Gradually, Damien is drawn into an affair with the student's girlfriend, a lady attracted by the IRA specter.
  • Realizing he has mislead those around him, Damien tells her the truth he's a dispatch clerk with absolutely no IRA ties.
  • Back at the lodging house misconceptions and resentments explode into sudden violence.

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