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Pizza Man

Pizza Man
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  • Cast 1m 2f
  • It's a hot summer evening and Julie Rodgers has had a bad day.
  • Her boss made a pass at her and she said no so she got a pink slip with her check.
  • Julie's broke and disillusioned, so she drinks and turns on the stereo full blast to make the pain go away.
  • Then her roommate comes home in the midst of an eating frenzy; her boyfriend has gone back to his wife so Alice has turned to food to forget.
  • Julie suggests another way to vent their man caused frustrations: they should pick a guy, any guy... and rape him.
  • Men have been doing it for years; why can't a woman try it?
  • Enter a pizza delivery man who agrees to come in and share a beer with them.
  • The evening gets crazier, wilder, angrier, and very, very funny.

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