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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
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  • Cast 5m 11f
  • Set in England during the approximate time of early 1800, five daughters of the Bennet family must be married off!
  • Was ever a mother as put upon as Mrs. Bennet?
  •  Jane falls deeply in love with the wealthy Mr. Bingley, and it looks as if a romance is possible between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.
  • But Mr. Darcy is a very proud young man and he is shocked by mama's vulgar matchmaking!
  • He not only leaves for London, but also manages to take Mr. Bingley with him.
  • Jane is heartbroken.
  • Finally, Mr. Darcy returns to propose to Elizabeth.
  • She promptly refuses and berates him for taking Mr. Bingley away and hurting Jane.
  • The attraction between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy eventually triumphs over the pride of one and the prejudice of the other.

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