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Rehearsal for Murder

Rehearsal for Murder
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  • Cast 9m 6f
  • This is a thrilling 'theatrical' mystery in which your theatre becomes the set for the play.
  • The playwright turns on the stage work light and prepares for the first reading of his new play.
  • The actors, producer, director and others connected with the show come onto the stage, and under their humorous theatrical talk, tension grows.
  • We discover that everyone connected with this play was involved with another play by the same playwright.
  • At its opening night, exactly a year ago and in this same theatre, the beautiful leading lady, who was also the playwright's fiancee, was murdered!
  • As these people start with he new play, startling connections to the murder begin to unfold.
  • The growing tension reaches the boiling point with surprising revelations, countered by others even more surprising.

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