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Lumberjacks and Weddingbelles

Lumberjacks and Weddingbelles
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  • Cast 10m 14f
  • Washington Territory is shy on marriageable females, so Asa, an enterprising lawyer, sails to Boston and fetches a group of prospective brides.  
  • At first the girls don’t like the rough life, especially when the belles discover they have an enemy in the horrible Scrubbs family, consisting of cantankerous Ma, her ox of a son and Ma’s two boy-crazy daughters.  
  • They hate lumberjacks because they cut down trees and that’s bad for 'trappin’ critters.'  
  • When the villainous (and funny) Mayor Crook discovers Asa is running for the Territorial Legislature, an office he aspires to, Crook conspires to discredit Asa.  
  • Asa and some of the ladies land in jail!  
  • But, of course, the bad guys are defeated as all manner of musical mirth breaks out.

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