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September Revisited

September Revisited
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Code: THPL-61186
Author: Enid Coles

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  • Carlene, an unemployed single mother, share her mornings in the park with the homeless Woman.
  • Val joins them sometimes, helping Carlene mind her children.
  • Despite their varied fortunes, this trio share a sense of community.
  • They indulge in mockery of Nanny, another park regular, who tries to deny her background by pretending an upper-class status.
  • In Val and Carlene, Nanny recognises traces of her own past that troubles her conscience.
  • In a dramatic flashback to forty years before, we see Nanny (played by Val) dismiss her nursery maid Rosie (played by Carlene) for 'immoral' behaviour.
  • The guilt over her action proves for Nanny too much to bear.
  • The play ends on an up-beat note, at the point of her coming to terms with her true identity.

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