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The Sensuous Senator

The Sensuous Senator
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Code: THPL-62478
Author: Michael Parker

Product Information

  • Cast 4m 5f
  • Senator Douglas is running for President on a 'morality' platform, but when his wife Lois leaves to attend a conference in Chicago he does not hesitate to invite Veronica, his secretary and lover, over.
  • Finding her unavailable, he has an escort agency send voluptuous Fiona.
  • All seems well until his elderly Congressional colleague and neighbor locks himself out and asks to spend the night.
  • Then Congressman Jack Maguire drops in unexpectedly and Fiona, unsure who her client is, zeros in on him.
  • Meanwhile, Veronica changes her plans and appears on the scene.
  • Before Lois reaches the airport, her fashionable Washington townhouse is swarming with libidinous politicians, scantily dressed women, security police and a muckraking reporter from The National Intruder!
  • When snow closes the airport and she returns home, the bedlam crescendos to a surprise ending in this outrageous farce.

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