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Lady Of The Camellias

Lady Of The Camellias
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Code: THPL-85618
Author: A. Dumas Fils & H. Metcalf

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  • 3m, 4f  
  • This modern adaptation of one of the world's greatest theatrical classics tells the story of the young and beautiful Parisian courtesan Marguerite Gautier. Called Camille because of her fondness for the camellia flower, Marguerite falls in love with her young admirer, Armand Duval. Armand's father comes to her and begs her to break off their relationship for the sake of the family honor. Mid-19th-century French society dictates that Armand's younger sister, Blanche, cannot marry as long as Camille and Armand are together. Sacrificing her love for the good name of
  • Armand's family, Camille makes the break by leaving a false note telling of her forsaking Armand for another. Not understanding, Armand treats Camille cruelly. Later, he discovers the truth and rushes to Camille, who is near death of consumption. Armand arrives at her bedside begging forgiveness, and they reaffirm their love. Alas, it is too late. Camille dies, but she dies happily, knowing she is dying for true love. Unit set.

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