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Harkee the Cat

Harkee the Cat
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Code: THPL-85668
Author: Cleve Haubold
ISBN/EAN: 0573650454

Product Information

5m, 4f. 5o.

  • A Play.
  • This award-winning comedy for all ages tells the story of the citizens of the village of Farnstall, who, much to their alarm, are visited by a royal massager.
  • With banners unfurled and trumpets blowing, he announces the bad news that the villagers must make ready for a visit from the King - and his royal guard of 843 gentle-men-at-arms!
  • This hungry procession will eat the poor villagers out of house and home.
  • Every sausage, crumpet and cake will disappear from their shops, and they'll not get a single farthing in exchange!
  • What despair - until clever Harkee the Cat shows an unusual and hilarious solution to the problem.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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