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Schubert's Last Serenade

Schubert's Last Serenade
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Code: THPL-85747
Author: Julie Bovasso

Product Information

  • Cast: 5m, 1w
  • A hardly literate, hard hat construction worker escorts a high tone, college educated and liberated young lady to a plush restaurant.
  • They met and fell in love at a demonstration during which he cracked her skull with a two by four.
  • She enthuses over his commanding manner and he responds laconically in monosyllables, while Franz Schubert plays his serenade on a violin.
  • The cook, and waiter race in and out, and a maitre d' comments continually to the audience.
  • The actors suit their actions to the maitre d's words until the very end, when everything goes haywire.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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