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The Bed Before Yesterday

The Bed Before Yesterday
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Code: THPL-85844
Author: Ben Travers

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  • Cast 5m, 4f
  • Alma is very rich, but she has reached middle age with little else. Twice married, her first and only sexual encounter has left her cold with the emotional outlook of a spinster. Now she is seeking companionship as avoid the chilly embrace of loneliness. She suggests a marriage of convenience to Victor, a mild mannered man down on his luck. Victor comes with one drawback his ne'er do well son Aubrey. But Aubrey's girl friend, Ella, interests Alma. Ella is a down to earth person, especially in matters sexual, and she manages to convey to the curious Alma that sex can be pleasurable.
  • So, in her candid and direct manner, Alma invites the baffled Victor to bed. The encounter exhausts him, but Alma emerges as a changed woman with an insatiable appetite for sex. Since Victor feels the best he can do is once a week, Alma takes off for the continent only to return a sadder but wiser woman.

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