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Caught on the Hop

Caught on the Hop
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Code: THPL-85868
Author: David Foxton

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2m 3f

  • Returning home unexpectedly early from a rendezvous with her lover, Sophie Fontaineau finds that her husband Etienne is absent and immediately suspects him of philandering.
  • She accidently spills brandy on her porter's trousers; the poor man soon finds himself trouserless behind a screen, desperately worried by the return of Etienne, who is disguised as the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Further to complications ensue when Etienne's lover "Esmeralda" appears and recognizes the porter - now disguised as Sophie's aged aunt - as her husband.
  • All is finally resolved....or is it?
  • Clothilde, the long-suffering maid, provides the final twist to this delightful comedy.

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