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The Cradle Song

The Cradle Song
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Code: THPL-85900
Author: J. Garrett Underhill

Product Information

  • Cast: 4m, 10f

  • This popular and appealing college and little theatre play tells the story of a child brought to a convent and of the extraordinary change in the lives of the nuns wrought by the presence of the infant.
  • The child grows to young womanhood and the nuns lavish upon her all the tenderness which is usually absent from the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to God.
  • At last the girl falls in love and leaves the home which has been made for her.
  • Within this simple framework the author has told a charming, amusing and pathetic story with Spanish grace and a delicate touch.
  • The play is ideal for schools, colleges, little theaters and church societies.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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