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Definitely Eric Geddis

Definitely Eric Geddis
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Code: THPL-85929
Author: Michael Snelgrove

Product Information

4m 3f

  • Eric, an untalented, mundane factory worker bored with his life, decides to seek fame and fortune by walking into his firm's advertising agency and persuading the ambitious executive, Rodney, to market him as a superstar.
  • There follows a glimpse of the crazy, superficial, cut throat world of finance and promotion where Eric, his family and the advertising agency, fall victims to the fickle nature of the public eager to be duped by everything it sees and hears.
  • Eric comes to realization that he was happier as an ordinary, anonymous man and secretly takes action to bring about the collapse of the Eric Geddis myth. 

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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