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Don't Misunderstand Me

Don't Misunderstand Me
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Code: THPL-85940
Author: Patrick Cargill

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2m 3f

  • This light and frothy comedy related the complications and misunderstandings that arise when Charles and Margery prepare to entertain Charles's brother, Robert, and his new wife, Jane, whom they have never met.
  • In Margery's absence, Robert arrives, without Jane, and in the course of conversation Charles reveals that despite his happy marriage he had a brief affair, whilst in America, with Jaynie, but has successfully covered his tracks by not giving her his English address.
  • Minutes later Jaynie arrives on the doorstep!
  • In a panic Charles passes her off as Robert's wife, Jane, whilst pretending to Jaynie that Margery is married to Robert.
  • The confusions arising from his wild deception are multiplied by the arrival of another attractive girl; and as Charles and Robert struggle to keep Margery, Jaynie and the girl from revealing their true identities, Margery herself is keeping a secret.... 

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