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Easy Terms

Easy Terms
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Code: THPL-85965
Author: Frank Vickery

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2m 2f

  • A year ago Vi Davies suffered a stroke and her son Howard gave up his college course to nurse her.
  • Vi is now quite capable of looking after herself but finds it impossible to let go of her son.
  • Howard finds this situation extremely difficult, not least because he has a secret - he is gay, and has been seeing Bernard Fowler, Vi's insurance agent, for some time.
  • A caravan holiday in Tenby does nothing to relieve the tension, as misunderstandings and embarrassments pile up and seem set to ruin Howard's life altogether.
  • With the help of Bernard, and a cheerful, understanding fellow holidaymaker.
  • Adele, Howard is eventually freed from his mother's grasp and starts a new life - alone.

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